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SinCola Retail

Specially designed for companies that need support to organize waiting lines and improve the daily customer care. SinCola is recommended for companies with a high flow of customers per day or those who spend a lot of time to serve its customers.

SinCola is a management waiting line system, which allows you to manage the full cycle of customer, from before the client reaches the facility until after being served.


  • Ticket number request via Text / Native Apps
  • Branch recommendation with less waiting time


  • Request a ticket number in local kiosk


  • Proximity notification when your turn is coming
  • Display information on local screens


  • Referral to specific attention service queues (workflow)


  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Management indicators

With SinCola you will

  • Assign an attention ticket in order of arrival
  • Limit the number of applications per day
  • Limit applications by your office hours
  • Schedule appointments

  • Send appointment reminders
  • Display the waiting line status on screens
  • Manage standard industry indicators
  • Surveying your customers once attention is done

Boost your retail

  • Offer your customers an innovative experience
  • Reduce customer churn generated by long waits, allowing you to improve the profitability of your business
  • No more overcrowded waiting room
  • Avoid conflicts between clients in the order of arrival in the waiting line
  • Increase your customers’ satisfaction