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  • Reduces the waiting room

    With SinCola you need less space because your clients come at the right time, saves space and money

  • Increase your customer satisfaction

    Provides a VIP customer care to avoid long waiting lines at the point of sale

  • Affordable, ecological and fast to implement

    Reduces paper use and because it´s a cloud solution, does not require the purchase of servers and third party software licenses

  • Increase the profitability of your business

    Reduces the potential customers dropouts because of long waiting lines

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Since before the customer reaches the establishment until after it was assisted.

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Adapted solutions for each industry

Solutions for managing the customer experience in banks

Banking and Insurance

In Bank branches with high traffic, SinCola is ideal for waiting areas and offer an innovative experience.

Solutions for managing the customer experience in telcos


Our solution for enterprises to manage the user experience in customer service offices with high traffic.

Solutions for managing the customer experience in health centers


Our appointments and queue management solutions are ideal for the health sector, both in medical offices and labs.

Solutions for managing the customer experience in restaurants


We have a solution specially designed to solve overcrowded problems that arise in this sector.

Our Clients

Telefonica customers SinCola

Telefónica entrusts their management shifts expected in the attention of customers visiting its stores.

Dronena SinCola's client

The Droguería Nena, the largest distributor of pharmaceuticals in Venezuela, used SinCola to meet their suppliers.

The integral pediatric unit at Medical Institute La Floresta

The integral pediatric unit at Medical Institute La Floresta, entrusted the attention of patients in a first come basis.


The renowned fertility unit Unifertes offers its patients the best care, with the support of SinCola.

Cardiopulmonary Diagnostic Unit Grumerico

The Cardiopulmonary Diagnostic Unit, Grumerico, supports their management of appointments and standby shifts with SinCola.

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