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SinCola Restaurant

SinCola Restaurant is specially designed for those establishments where people wait for a table to enjoy good food and attention. SinCola is recommended for restaurants located in shopping malls, plazas, boulevards, sight seeing or office centers, as their customers may carry out other activities while waiting for a table.


  • Benefits

    With SinCola you will

    • Assign an attention ticket in order of arrival

    • Limit the number of applications per day

    • Limit applications by your office hours

    Boost your restaurant

    • Offer your customers an innovative experience

    • Reduce customer churn generated by long waits, allowing you to improve the profitability of your business

    • Avoid conflicts between clients in the order of arrival in the waiting line

    • Send text messages to customers to inform them about news and promotions

  • How it Works

    Reducing the No-Shows

    1. Hosts in the reception room, assigns tables using your SinCola account through a computer, tablet or smartphone with Internet access.
    2. Your customers receive a text message with their ticket number. So customers can move with the freedom to wait where they want and how they want and not have to wait standing at the entrance to your restaurant.
    3. Hosts, manage the waiting list and call the next customer using a computer, tablet or smartphone with internet access.
    4. The next customer receives a text message indicating that your table is ready. Customers who have a close place in the line, receive an alert because their turn is coming.