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In SinCola we believe that with the use of appropriate technologies and smart algorithms of queue management, we can help minimize the problem of waiting lines, thus enhancing the people options to decide how best to spend their time.

SinCola, is the comprehensive solution for intelligent management of the customer experience. It is designed to maximize the capabilities of cloud computing and mobile technology with a minimal setup cost.

How SinCola can improve the lives of my customers?

It is estimated that throughout their life, your customers will lose nearly two years waiting in a line! Imagine your customers can use all that time, thanks to you!
With our solution, your customers decide where and how to wait their turn to be served, because we sent a text message to alert when their turn is approaching. They may also consult at all times as the line moves by simply sending a text.

How SinCola can help my business?

Our solution allows you to give all your customers a real VIP experience, increasing their satisfaction with the quality of your service.
You can start to use the system immediately, only a computer with Internet connection is needed. SinCola helps prevent annoying customers at the point of care and reduce the perceived waiting time, also the tension generated by the staff when the waiting room is full of customers.