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A Guide to Japanese Money Yen: Coins and Bills

Most stores in major cities such as Kobe, Yokohama, and Kyoto accept foreign credit cards. Most Japanese ATMs do not accept foreign cards and might be closed at night or on the weekend. You should be able to find an ATM that you can use in 7-Eleven stores, the airports, post offices, or other international establishments that accommodate foreign travelers. In Japan, IC “integrated circuit”... Continuar leyendo

How to Trade Reversals with the Hanging Man Pattern

At that point, you wait for the candlestick pattern to present itself. That being said, understand there is rarely a “perfect setup” for a trade, so flexibility is possible. This can be considered an art form just as much as a science. The effectiveness of the hanging man candlestick pattern, like all patterns and indicators, can vary depending on the timeframe in which it is used. The best timeframe... Continuar leyendo

¿Qué es el mercado de divisas y cómo funciona? EOM

Los datos económicos positivos pueden fortalecer una moneda, mientras que los negativos pueden debilitarla. Además, la volatilidad del mercado de divisas presenta muchas oportunidades de negociación. El valor de las monedas fluctúa constantemente, impulsado por los acontecimientos económicos, los desarrollos geopolíticos y el clima del mercado. Los operadores pueden aprovechar estas fluctuaciones... Continuar leyendo

ActivTrades Review 2024

ActivTrades runs a reduced schedule on bank holidays in line with global financial markets. More information regarding specific changes is available on the broker’s website. For UK-based clients, there is a low commission of 0.5 pips on spread betting. Shares are available at 0-0.1% commission of the transaction value, with minimums ranging between 1 USD to 5 EUR. ActivTrades offers more company... Continuar leyendo

Symmetrical Triangle Pattern Symmetrical Trading Chart

Triangles are generally seen as continuation patterns, so breakouts that indicate a continuation of the prevailing trend are seen as stronger signals. Two points are needed to form a trend line, and 2 points are needed to form a symmetrical triangle. Therefore, 4 points are required to make a symmetrical triangle pattern. Symmetrical triangle patterns form by connecting at least two to three lower... Continuar leyendo