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Dear John to alcohol

This is my goodbye letter to drugs, a rejection of the destructive path you led me down. I have no idea how I’m ever gonna eat crawfish again. The beach may have lost its luster too. I went without you this year, and it sucked, especially since you were cheating on me with everyone else. My liver has told me how greedy and rapacious you were. He has said that you demanded all of his attention and... Continuar leyendo

How to Make Work Friends When You Work Remotely

Pick a cause you’re passionate about – only then will you be able to make a difference through volunteer work. It’s good to know that many towns and cities organize farmers’ markets where local producers sell their healthy and tasty produce. As you know, anyone who shops locally from such markets supports the community, so you can also become one of those smart shoppers. Joshua is a moving... Continuar leyendo

Qué carrera estudiar para ser desarrollador web

Esto implica dedicar tiempo a leer blogs especializados, participar en foros de discusión y experimentar con nuevas tecnologías en proyectos personales. Suele trabajar en equipo, dentro de empresas informáticas o en organizaciones de cualquier otro sector que tengan un departamento informático; no obstante, es igual de frecuente que el desarrollador web sea un profesional autónomo que trabaje... Continuar leyendo

How to Trade Reversals with the Hanging Man Pattern

At that point, you wait for the candlestick pattern to present itself. That being said, understand there is rarely a “perfect setup” for a trade, so flexibility is possible. This can be considered an art form just as much as a science. The effectiveness of the hanging man candlestick pattern, like all patterns and indicators, can vary depending on the timeframe in which it is used. The best timeframe... Continuar leyendo